Daily Writing - My Cat

February 10, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing, flash writing

Every night my cat would saunter in looking like she'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, the shrill cat sounds not long ago had of course set the seen. Once again she'd been out fighting with the other cats or maybe beating on the neighbours dog. Bloody thing, no manners, no idea of her place in the world. She'd slump down next to her basket, why next to it? God only knows, she's a cat for gods sake, exhausted she'd go straight to sleep as I finished eating my breakfast and headed out for another day at work.To say she was something of a night owl would be putting it mildly and a fighter oh my, like some kind of town drunk.

I'd discussed her outrageous habits with a friend who suggested I put a camera on her and see what she got up to. So on the way home I picked up a small camera with a recording device and in the morning stuck it on her collar wondering why I was doing such a silly thing. Getting home I followed the normal routine, made sure she'd not got rid of the camera and headed to bed as it was getting late.

Saturday morning I sat down and set about watching my cats nightly wondering. For an hour or so it was all much of a muchness chasing other animals crawling under sheds clambering through bushes, I shook my head, what an awful girl she was. That's when I saw it, something I first assumed was another hedge moved suddenly, I almost jumped out of my chair!

I refocused, the hedge like thing had teeth and wide wicked looking eyes lunged at my cat! My cat seemed to leap back then made a swift manoeuvre and the camera shot towards the side, razor sharp glowing claws slashing at the unknown hedge beast. A flurry of hectic motion and the hedge vanished, another weird thing, if things weren't already weird enough was now my cat seemed to stand a lot higher from the ground, she was near the front gate of my house pacing back and forth some strange miasma all around. She was patrolling when there was a large flash the shot went lower I could tell she was stood upright her paws were now hands and from the flash came a voice.

"Stop resisting, they're all ours now!"

"Neveeeeeeer, masteeeeer is mine!"

The figure came darting out of the darkness weird looking with big floopy bunny ears. Fists were flung, kicks back and forth, the bunny bounced back and raised it's hands a strange hexagram symbol appeared mid air and a bright blue beam shot towards her. She let out a loud cattish meeew but then seemed to do something with her own magic symbol hitting the bunny man in the head.

"I'll be back!" It yelled after the bizare battle and bounced off, the rest of the night seemed to end without further mayhem.

I stood up, walked down the stairs to the kitchen and opened a can of tuna. Emptying it onto a saucer I placed it next to my cat and patted her on the head.

"Good girl." He headed back upstairs. "No bunny men are getting us!"