Daily Writing

February 09, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing, flash writing

On a daily basis I set out to write 500 words after work, this is just to make sure I'm writing every day. Sometimes I'll use a prompt other times it'll just be blind writing.

A violent impulsive girl Violet was renowned for causing the kind of trouble girls shouldn't be involved in, that however was of no concern of Violet's she was first and foremost a slave to free will and would bare no restraint. That in many ways was one of the most charming things about her at least when her free will didn't have me dragged from pillar to post on her latest flight of fancy. A raven haired wild thing, sunkissed from her adventures, regardless of the elements she would brave the outside, if, help us God, she was stuck inside she would undoubtedly find some unholy method of embarking on adventure. I as her hapless underling would be forced to follow regardless of my wishes, and oh how I wished. I enjoyed reading books late into the night and my bag would always have something to read in it, water proof of courseā€¦ one does not get books water damaged and dirty.

I only realise now of course that on some level she found me as fascinating as I begrudgingly found her charming. I remember as a young boy sitting under a tree trying to learn some age old script in a book I'd selected from my fathers collection while she yelled down at me from the branches above looking up she leapt down giving me quite the start her grinning from ear to ear and laughing. I remember being forced to cross streams and trudge through the wilderness surrounding the villages, sometimes even I would get caught up in her fancy and we'd chase here and there protecting the kingdom and punishing evil doers or monsters.

As the years lazily passed by we stayed steadfastly together others from the village joined us as I studied desperately trying to prove that I was a scholar worthy of going to the capital Violet joined the village guard and was a whirlwind of action and indirect energy. She would often find out interesting titbits of information regarding traders or scholars that may be passing nearby townships or hamlets and would escort me chatting away about some thing or another. Whilst I had not grown as tall as one might and had not filled out with either muscle nor fat by that time I would have looked quite the scrawny fool next to her. She was taller than me more muscular and most certainly more mature looking, by fourteen we were polar opposites and I had started to feel quite inadequate in her presence. She of course had little regard for such things and went out of her way to stick to me regardless, yet it was rather well known that many of the other men and boys in the village and even local townships thought me little more than a lecherous stalker.